Friday, May 25, 2012


The past couple of months have literally flown!  It's a busy business growing a baby and getting ready for a little mister to come and live with you!  Between getting the nursery all ready (photos to come later), planting our first vegetable garden, working on our yard (okay, mostly Mike), finishing his first year of nursing school with a perfect GPA (ALL Mike!), doing updates to the house (more photos later), grilling basically every night on the patio, working like a mad woman and wrapping up a lot of projects at the office, celebrating Mike's birthday, going on one last getaway with Mike before the little man comes, going on a Girl's weekend with my mom, sister, and sister-in-law, being spoiled with amazing baby showers by family and friends, and enjoying these last couple months of alone time together... it's been one wild and crazy ride!  Here are a few photos.....

We actually went to a few Jazz Games this year.  I scored awesome tickets from work and so Bennett and Stacie came with us to one of the games.  Mike and Bennett were in heaven being so close, and Stacie and I mostly enjoyed people watching!

I think Mike was very proud that I could name at least 3 of the players from the Jazz:)

We live in the best ward ever!  It's such a tight knit small group of people (it reminds me of a branch I served in in Chardon, OH) and everyone is SO kind and giving.  My cute ward friends threw me such a fun baby shower!

 Little sissy graduated from BYU!  So proud of her!  She already has a job lined up to start this August teaching 5th graders at a Title 1 school.. she's going to be an amazing teacher.  Pretty sure all of the 10 year old boys are going to fall in love with her:)

On April 20th Mike turned 24!  We celebrated by going to Stacie's BYU graduation and luncheon that morning, then Mike's parents came down from Idaho and we celebrated by going shopping and to dinner with them! 

The next day, Mike and I celebrated by going up to my parent's place in Heber for a couple relaxing days.  We watched almost a whole season of Seinfeld, ate every meal in, slept in, plaid cards by the pool, and just enjoyed being together.  Mike also worked on his golf swing for a few hours, while I sat and got some sun and read my "Gift of Motherhood" book.  

We were both happy with our respective activities.  I actually got a nice tan!

We're all about dragging birthdays out for as long as possible.... we had another party with my family a few days later. 
More to come later!

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Anna said...

Yay! The shower was SO FUN I'm glad we got to throw it for you :)