Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Peace out Baby

Holy cow. It's time. I never thought this day would come, but I'm leaving on my mission tomorrow. Cleveland, Ohio, bring it on baby.
I am going to miss all of you, but hello... 18 months is not that long. My mom will continue to update my blog from time to time, so read on friends.... and don't forget about me. Love you all, keep it real.

My favorite voice mail ever....

It's me. It's monday night at ten thirty-ish. Um if I don't talk to you before you go, I will send you a letter bomb and anthrax in the mail so you die. Hahahahahahah. I was going to say I would come to the MTC and kill you, but um I really hope you don't die and they check this and they're like, "oh, jonny killed andrea" cause i'm not really a psycho. Well, clearly after last friday I am a psycho, because I broke into my ex's house and stole my stuff. But anyway, um I think I deserve one last phone call, and you better @*^& well do it, or else you're getting NO LETTERS FROM ME- there's my threat. No letters from me your entire mission. Not even an email or a single word if you don't call me back before you go, no letters from me, that's my threat, there we go. Anyway, we'll talk to you later. I mean I better talk to you later or else you're dead. Love you, Bye.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Time Capsule

I've always thought that Time Capsules were stupid, unless you left them unopened for 50 or so years. Last night my family opened a Time Capsule that we assembled in 1999. 8 years ago. Surprisingly, it was quite enjoyable, and it gave me a good laugh to look back. Maybe I'll change my opinion of time capsules.

Here were the highlights of my life as a 14 year old:

1. Andrea got her braces off. I've already told stories about this miserable experience. Good to put an end to that period of my life.
2. Andrea got her ears double pierced. These were the days when having five piercings up your ear was super sexy. I had been begging my parents to let me get more piercings, because one set was so not cool anymore. They finally agreed that I could get second holes in both ears. However, before doing so, they made me sign a contract promising I wouldn't get more piercings in my ears, get my belly button pierced, or get a tattoo. I guess they were that worried I would do something foolish.....what good parents I have. Sidenote: I let the second holes grow in a year or two later. gross.
3. Andrea went on Pioneer trek this past summer. This is where I encountered the most awkward and humiliating experience of my life to date. An older boy totally walked in on me while I was in a porta potty, completely naked from the waist down. I screamed and shrieked in complete horror, until he finally ran away. All throughout the rest of pioneer trek he gave me the nasty eye. If that wasn't bad enough, it got much worse when his whole football team had heard the story a week later. Who brags about something like that? Sick. I still think about that one.
4. Andrea started 9th grade, and she is busy as a Student Body Officer, and singing in Madrigals. The most amazing part about this, is that I truly thought my life was chaotic. Little did I realize that walking around the halls of CJH talking about boys, coloring posters for basketball games, and stealing candy from our advisor in officer prep period hardly qualified as busy.
5. Andrea hates her math teacher, Mr. Smith Still do. (I don't dare post his real name on the internet. I think secretly I'm still afraid of him.) He was a real nut job. My friends and I always talked about egging his house, but none of us ever had the guts to follow through.
6. Andrea is President of her Mia Maid Class. Enough said.
7. Andrea went to St. George with her best friend Jessica over fall break. .. We thought we were so cool because we met and hung out with older, hot boys. Hello they were in High School! This was kind of a big deal.
8. Andrea really loves music. Some things never change. I was especially into the Dixie Chicks at this time, because included in the time capsule was a concert ticket from their fly tour.

So there you have it, Andrea 8 years ago. It makes me wonder where I'll be 8 years from now.... I honestly can't even venture a guess.

Monday, December 3, 2007

9 days left to live......

I have 9 days left to live........ I am making a list of the most essential things that I need to do before I check out of life as I know it.

So far, here it is:
- eat sushi at happy sumo
- go rollerblading
- sleep in till noon
- watch A Christmas Story
- have a dance party
- dress up: wear high heels and bright red lipstick
- kiss. a lot. (just one boy though..)

Please let me know if you have any other activites you suggest I add to my list. What would you do if you were going to exit life in nine days? Many thanks.