Sunday, February 20, 2011

11 Things that Are Making Winter Bearable Around these Parts.....

1. New gym memberships!  We both set goals to get into better shape this year.  Mike is training for a half marathon in April (I'm still sitting on the fence as to whether I'm going to do it) and a triathlon this summer..... regardless of my decision, we are both getting into better shape!
2. Knitting Class every Wednesday night at East High with my mom!  Who knew I'd love purling so much?
3. Randomly deciding to paint our kitchen goldish yellow one Saturday morning.  Grateful that Mike puts up with and supports my spontaneous decorating decisions, and that he prefers taping to rolling.
4. Thursday night Church Basketball games.  Mike gets to play ball, and I get to chat with girlfriends. 
5. Hatch's Chocolates---- conveniently located just two blocks from our home.  I'm pretty sure I'm single handedly keeping them in business with all of the frozen hot chocolates I've been getting.
6. Surprise bouquets of flowers and chocolate cinnamon bears from my cute husband for no reason.
7. Purchasing an incredible vintage mustard yellow ottoman for our living room. 
8. Exploring thrift stores by our house on Saturday afternoons with Mike.
9. Our brand new little nephew, Thomas.  Holding him as much as possible.... it's making me more keen on the idea of having my own babies someday.
10.  Constantly planning warm weather vacations. 
11. Going to Jazz games... Mike is proud that I finally know who Deron Williams is.

Hope you are surviving in this yucky weather!