Wednesday, April 11, 2012

General Conference Weekend

General Conference Weekends in April and October are always two of my very favorite weekends of the year.  We get to listen to the leaders of our church speak to the world and address topics that are so relevant to our lives.  It's always so inspiring and uplifting to my soul, and this April General Conference was no different.
This year, we spent the weekend up at my parent's home in Heber and spent Saturday and Sunday relaxing, enjoying the beautiful weather, and listening to the prophets of God.

Here I am 7 months pregnant!  This baby boy is growing!

It just so happened that Mike's parents were passing through town, so they, along with a bunch of my extended family, came up Saturday night and we had a big birthday party for my mom (after the Priesthood session of course).  Carol's birthday was also that week, so we had a little birthday party at our house with her a few days earlier. 

We are so grateful for our mothers and the wonderful women that they are!  Mom and Carol, we love you both!  Thanks for being so great!

Spring Break

Last month we took off and headed down south for a little spring break getaway.  My two little brothers (well, I should say younger- they are both way bigger than me now) were playing in a big tennis tournament down in St. George, and so most of my family made the trip down to support them.  We stayed at my aunt and uncle's vacation home with a bunch of teenage boys, went to movies, ate yummy food, played lots of games, watched Roger Federer win Indian Wells and March Madness on ESPN, and most importantly spent hours at the tennis courts watching the live games.

If you've never gotten into watching tennis before you are really missing out!  I was raised in a big tennis family- my mom and I are the only ones who haven't played competitively (once the baby is born and I'm not working full time anymore my mom and I are going to take some lessons).  Before we got married Mike hadn't ever spent a lot of time watching tennis, but he loves it now too.  It's one of my very favorite competitive sports to watch! 

My brothers are both amazing players- Ethan and his doubles partner took 1st place in the Varsity 1st doubles division, and Preston and his doubles partner took 2nd place (they lost on a heartbreaking tie breaker set) in the J.V. 1st doubles division.  Viewmont, their High School and my alma mater) took 1st place overall out of the 16 schools attending.  We were so proud of them! 

Proudly displaying our "V"'s to cheer on the Vikes!  

Me at 6.5 months pregnant- I'm finally showing!  Yay!

On Sunday we went to Sacrament mtg, then we attended the St. George visitors center and walked around the temple grounds.  Monday morning before we left we went and did sealings at the temple.  It was my first time inside the St. George temple- it was so old and so pretty.  

After stopping at the Bear Paw, we made our way home Monday evening.
Can't wait until next year!