Thursday, June 30, 2011

Stacie's Wedding Part 1

My little sister is a real life wife now.  They're back from their honeymoon (they went to New York City, by the way), they no longer require "chaperons" around the clock to make sure they are keeping their hands to themselves, and she's even making her husband peanut butter and jelly sandwiches in the morning before he goes to work.  Isn't that cute?  (Tonight I asked Mike if I was a bad wife because usually when he leaves for work in the morning I'm completely incoherent and dead to the world.   I realized that I've never once made him a peanut butter sandwich to take to work.  He assured me that I have other good qualities- sandwich making just doesn't happen to be one of them.  Maybe someday.)

Anyways.  As usual, I have about 5,000 pictures from Bennett and Stacie's wedding (if you think that is an exaggeration you are wrong), and wanted to get some of these up on this here blog for documentation purposes.  So I might be lousy at keeping a journal lately, so I figure this is the next best thing.

Okay, so the night before Stacie and Bennett got married, his family hosted a beautiful wedding dinner at the Joseph Smith building.  It was intimate, classy, and best of all, I had a love affair with the food!  I was slightly nervous because I had a small 'speech' to give later on in the program and so I kept shoveling the food in to keep me distracted. (I know what you're thinking- you LOVE hearing yourself talk, especially in front of large groups of people... how could YOU be nervous? Well, once I get in front of the microphone I'm in my element, but beforehand I'm a bundle of nerves. Trust me, every two weeks when I teach relief society it's the same scenario.  It's a great way to instantly lose a few pounds.)  

lone ranger #1

lone ranger #2 (I tried to get them to pose as a 'couple' for me, but as usual I got the stink eye

They're thinking, "Sweet, in less than 24 hours we'll be married and no longer have to put up with all of these annoying "chaperons"!

We have a tradition in my family, that when one of us gets married, the siblings give a gift to the person getting married and their (almost) spouse.  It's not meant to be a roast, but it's supposed to be light, humorous, and fun.  Bennett's siblings and my brothers and I came bearing gifts that night, and we each gave a short little ditty to talk about our gift.

I told a few stories about Stacie not trusting me because I've been known to play practical jokes on her since we were kids. Example A. One time while attempting to pour ice water on her while she was showering, my plan failed miserably when the shower curtain came slamming down.  Next thing we know she, fully naked, and I, fully clothed, are tangled in the shower curtain with hot water running all over us. (she wasn't too happy about this one) Example B.  One night I hid in the fetal position in her closet for 45 minutes while I waited for her to come home.  I then proceeded to scratch on her closet door after she got in bed and scared the pants off her.  She ended up sprinting to my parent's room screaming that there was a man in her closet, and pretty soon my dad showed up in his underwear ready to attack.  That was fun!
I digress....
Anyway, I then related the fact that at first when I told Stacie I had met her future husband she did not trust me, and swore she'd never go out with this guy (can you blame her after all the years of torment?)  But alas, I was right, and knew it all along.  Just so they never forget who was responsible for bringing them together, I decided for my gift, I would give them one of their first pieces of artwork for their apartment! So I gave them a copy of my MISSION CALL!  I even framed it so that they could put it up right away on their wall!  They better or else! (Maybe I'll get some professional head shots done so that they can tack that up next to my mission call- or better yet, they could make a whole shrine to me!)

So I've got to tell you about my skirt.  I fell in love with it a couple months ago at anthropology.  I tried it on longingly, but in the end decided against it because it was 150 bones.  Skip ahead to the day before the wedding dinner.  I went to anthropology and was at the counter buying a different skirt, when my mom walked up with the floral blue (originally 150 bones skirt) and said "isn't this cute?"  Turns out, there was only one skirt left in the store, and it happened to be MY EXACT SIZE.  Oh, and guess how much it was? THIRTY NINE DOLLARS.  Yeeee-ha!  Bless the heavens above!  Can't beat saving $110 bucks on a skirt!  Like I've always said- Never buy anything for full price at anthropology, because three weeks later it'll be on sale!

Stay tuned for pictures and wedding stories that will make you pee your pants! (well, i almost did!)

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

temples and barbeques are two of my favorite things

A couple weeks ago my sister Stacie got to go to the Salt Lake Temple for the first time.  In our faith, being able to go to the temple is a privilege, a blessing, and a holy experience that we plan, prepare, and look forward to from the time we are young.  It is in the temple that we make covenants, or sacred promises with God, and learn more about the plan that he has for us.  I love going to the temple because it is a sanctuary from the world where I can ponder on the meaning of life, experience peace and quiet, find answers to prayers, and most importantly, feel God's love for me. 

Here is a video I love that explains more about temples and why they are important to our faith:

Being in the temple that day with Mike, Stacie & Bennett, Alex & Allie, my parents, grandparents, and some aunts and uncles was really great.  It was a wonderful day, and a great reminder for me that God is constantly blessing me more than I deserve.  God is so good.

Afterwards my parents had a big BBQ at their house with our family and Bennett's (my sister's now husband!) family.  I love any excuse I can get to enjoy a good burger!  Here are some of the photos I got....

my Hymas grandparents, Bennett & Stace

Allie & Alex, Pres & Mike

Ethan texting high school women

Dad doin what he does best at the grill

my grandma Joan and Darlene- so lucky to have them in my life!

Bennett's grandpa & my grandpa Sheldon becoming friends

cute grandpa hymas

when i try to get mike to pose for pictures he likes to pull weird stuff- like licking my face

Monday, June 27, 2011

comfort food

When life gives you lemons.....
It's nice to have a mom that lives 10 minutes away that will literally drop everything to come and have a good cry with you, tell you everything is going to be just fine, and take you out to lunch.  We've always believed that a delicious meal can do wonders on improving the way the world looks. 

It sure did.  Thanks mom.  By the way, if you're in SLC, please go to The Tin Angel and order the Chicken and Cambozola Baguette or the Bresaola on Ciabbata- to die for.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Girl's Trip

A couple weekends ago my mom, Stacie, Allie and I decided to go on a little girl's trip to celebrate Stacie's upcoming wedding!  Stace and Bennett would be getting married just 10 days later, so we wanted to have one last horrah with her as a single lady! 
We settled on going to our favorite place in the whole world- Sun Valley, because we wouldn't feel any pressure to sight see (because we've been there a million times), and we could get in some quality relaxation!
We left Thursday afternoon, and stopped in Hailey at the best italian restaurant known to man (seriously almost as good as the real stuff in Italy), Da Vinci's.

Afterwards we continued the drive to Sun Valley, and checked into the lodge and stayed up late talking, laughing, and watching youtube videos of the Bachelorette.  Ha!  It was actually the very first time Mike and I have ever spent a night apart, and we were both sad!  We missed each other a lot, but I had a great time with my mom and sisters.  I realized I am so grateful that leaving my husband home for few nights is tough and we don't like being away from each other!

Friday morning, we woke up and went running, went to breakfast, took a dip in the pool, got pedicures at the spa (well some of us- Allie and Stacie were less than thrilled with the service so my mom and I opted out when our turn came along).  Later we found ourselves eating sandwiches at the duck pond, reading our books, and playing cards for hours.

Ducks were all over the place- so pretty!

That night, we got all gussied up and went to the Ram for dinner.  It was my very first time there, and we had the most amazing meal ever.  Seriously, I had the best steak of my life- I was in heaven!

Later that night we ordered the best room service hot chocolate from Gretchen's and watched a chick flick! (Something our men usually don't appreciate quite like we do!)  

Saturday morning, we woke up, went on a walk around Sun Valley, and crashed at the pool.  It was a little cool outside, and so we ended up laying out wrapped up in towels reading our books!  ( I finished one and a half novels on our little four day excursion- it was so nice!)

That afternoon, we went to lunch, and spent time walking through shops in Ketchum.  It was so fun not to have a schedule we had to stick to and to feel so carefree all day.  Later, we went to the Sun Valley Opera house and saw "Sun Valley Serenade", an old movie about Sun Valley that plays for free every day at 4:30.  You'd think after years and years of going to Sun Valley, we would have seen it, but it was a first for all of us!  It was darling and hilarious, and I want to take Mike to see it. 

Then we took about a billion pictures on my camera of the ugliest faces we could muster.  I don't know why this is so entertaining to us, but it always is.  Here are a few of my favorites (please don't hate me for posting these you guys):

I look like I have elephant skin. SCARY.

This one just cracks me up.

Allie attempting to have a double chin.

Stacie being goofy.  love this one.

After we laughed ourselves to tears, we freshened up and went to Rico's for dinner- they have the most delicious pizza ever!

Because yes, we might be obsessed with food, we went out for dessert afterwards and got monstrous ice cream sundaes.  

We had planned on grabbing breakfast quick Sunday morning before we headed home, but since we had eaten ourselves sick all weekend, we opted to just hit the road instead. We made it home in good time, and it was wonderful to see Mike again!

I'm so grateful for my mom, my sister, and my sister-in-law- I had so much fun and can't wait to do it again!  Thanks again mom for everything, you're the best!  Love you guys!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

oh what a difference two years can make

Two years ago today, my life improved one billion x ten

On June 12th, 2009, Mike and I experienced a lot of firsts together:
first date.
first hand-holding session.
first kiss.

The funny thing is that I was still calling him "Elder Bergeson".
And trying to shake his hand.

Six months to the day later, we got married.
And life has been joyous ever since.

Mike, thanks for asking me out and falling in love with me despite my extreme post-mission awkwardness.  You're the best thing that ever happened to me.

 June 2009 (a couple weeks after we started dating)

Birthday Weekend

After a couple of weeks, the shock has set in, and I'm happy to report that I'm comfortable and content with my new age.  Twenty-six is going to be a great year.  I can feel it. 
Here's a re-cap of this year's birthday: It just so happened that this year (along with most years), my birthday fell over Memorial Day Weekend.  I decided to take an additional day off work to kick off the festivities!  Friday morning, Gary and Carol (my in-laws) came to town, and took Mike and I to Market Street Grill for breakfast to celebrate.  The eggs benedict there are just about the closest thing to heaven, so if you ever get a chance, GO.  Unfortunately I didn't get a picture, but it was so nice of them to make room for me during their crazy week.
Next, Mike and I went over to say goodbye to our nieces and nephews.  Adam (Mike's oldest brother) just finished up residency at the U, and now they are off to Ohio to do a fellowship.  We have LOVED living so close to Adam & Kari and their kids, and are sad we will now be the only Bergeson's in the state of Utah (and basically on the west coast for that matter).  When Mike and I started dating these kids were just little, and it's been so fun to be an aunt and watch them grow up over the past couple of years.

 Me, Clate, Halle, Mike, and Chloe

 Their little baby brother Thomas is just about the cutest baby alive.  I'm going to miss this kid!

After saying our goodbyes, we went to the temple, attended a friend's wedding reception, and then Mike took me out.  We went to my favorite gourmet pizza place for dinner, then saw "Water for Elephants".  Have you seen it?  It was good, but heavier and deeper than I was anticipating.  If you're like me, and think it's just going to be a cute, light movie about elephants, think again.  We both enjoyed it though. 

The next morning, (my actual birthday), Mike and I woke up and decided to go for a run.  About a mile and a half into it, I started getting these really weird pains in my stomach.  I kept pushing through, until finally, I ended up collapsing onto someone's lawn.  Bad omen on my 26th birthday, or what?  Seconds later I was throwing up all over their grass.  YIKES.  Even Mike, who works at a hospital and is very level-headed when it comes to medical matters (un-like me), was freaking out and saying he thought he should take me to the ER.  He was ready to flag down a car to take us home, while I was begging him to STOP- I wasn't about to throw up in a poor passerby's car.  Luckily, the pain subsided quickly, and we were able to walk home.  I'm still not sure what happened, but I didn't let it get in the way of celebrating.

Mike fixed me his famous all-in-one breakfast, and then let me open my presents.  I was definitely impressed- this husband of mine has some great taste! (please ignore my creeeeeeper face in this photo- trying to show off the purse he picked out for me)

My favorite present however, had to be the video he made!  He put together pictures of us since we started dating to some of our favorite songs- it was priceless and I was sobbing like a baby.  He's a gem.

Later that afternoon, my mom and Stacie came and picked me up and we spent the day getting manicures and shopping!

Here's my little handy man husband- if anything is broken or needs to be fixed, Mike is the man for the job.  He seriously spent so much time that day fixing my new watch for me- isn't he cute?

That night, we had a little birthday party at my parent's house.  Thanks mom, you're the best.

 Here's to another fabulous year!