Thursday, April 23, 2009

Save a Cop

(Note from Andrea's mom: I'm mostly posting this because I was sick of seeing that polygamy picture every time I opened Ang's blog!)
We were tracting in this really nice area, and this man told us that the cops were going to come because we weren’t supposed to go door to door. Of course we just ignored him because there weren’t any signs, and besides, somebody on his street was definitely in need of the gospel. Well, just after we finished the street, a policeman showed up. The old man called the cops on us. Sister Shoell is terrified of authority figures, and so she sat there quiet and I did all the talking. The cop turned out to be nice enough. He even listened to me as I taught him about the Book of Mormon. We walked away and Sister Shoell said, “Oh my gosh Sister Hymas I didn’t think we were supposed to preach to policeman. You are so bold.” My thoughts are 'why not? policemen need the gospel too.' It was really funny.