Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Do I look like this???

Here's a doosy...
The other day I was giving a bronze tour to a couple of non-members. Throughout the tour, this single man was hanging around, and then at the last statue he joined us and started joining in the conversation. The ladies began browsing through the exhibit, and he started asking me where I was from, etc. He was a bigger guy, in his early 50’s probably. I got kind of a weird vibe. There were senior couples in the same room as me though and so I wasn’t nervous. He said that he lived in Kentucky, and I asked him if he lived near Lexington, because my uncle was the stake president there. He chuckled and told me that he did, but that he was a Fundamentalist Mormon. I asked him what that meant, and he motioned for me to take a few steps away because “he didn’t want anyone to hear.” At this point I KNEW he was a creepo. He told me that they believe everything that we believe, only more. That they still live the law of consecration (literally), wear full-length garments, don’t allow blacks to have the priesthood, etc. He told me that he had started studying the journal of discourses, and that he suggested I do it to because I was missing out, and that the whole church had gone astray. I simply asked him one question. “Do you follow Thomas S. Monson as the prophet?” “No.” “Well, I know he’s a prophet and so I don’t agree with anything that you’ve just said.” I started to walk away, and he asked me if he could see my scriptures (which I was holding in my hand). I handed them to him, he opened to 2 Nephi 31 and gasped. I asked him what he was doing, and he said, “You’ve got all of the right places marked! When you get to the point that you are at, you’re ready for more.” READY FOR MORE? I was completely disgusted. I grabbed my scriptures from him, bore my testimony of the Prophet Thomas S. Monson, and walked away. He came up to me and whispered in my ear “Farewell”a few seconds later and walked away. I was raging. Later, we found that he had snuck inside after taking a tour because he didn’t want to be with a senior couple. He had actually told the elder that gave him a tour that he was in Ohio looking for another wife. WHAT A CREEPO. Obviously he had no idea who he was messing with. What a PERV. Now the joke around the sites has been, “Sister Hymas, you’re ready for MORE!”
Sidenote: I had actually worn my hair in a braid that day for probably the 3rd time on my whole mission. Also, now that I have bangs I couldn’t help but wonder if he thought I looked like a good candidate for polygamist farm wife.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Family Reunion???

The other day we were tracting and came across a very large house, with about 12 cars in the driveway/on the road. Sister Shoell was like, “We probably shouldn’t go to this house because it looks like they are having a party.” Of course I’m trying to get her excited and so I say, “Of course we go to this house! Maybe it’s a family reunion and we can teach all of them!” So we walk down the driveway and a couple of guys are outside smoking. We ask them what’s going on and they say they are having a big wine tasting party, but they invite us in to tell everyone about the bronze exhibit in Kirtland. We walk into the garage and down some stairs into a basement, and to my horror the room is full of about 15 big men. Not only are they big, but they are drinking wine. YIKES. The door behind me is still open and I give them a flyer and try to act as natural as possible (Sister Shoell said I didn’t look nervous. She on the other hand didn’t say a word she was so scared.) I invited them to the exhibit and gave them a book of mormon card and invited them to call for a free copy. We turn around to go back up the steps, and two huge guys start coming down the stairs at us. The guys started telling them to shut the door so that we could stay and have some wine. In my mind I start to think of all of the horrible possibilities and I panic. I grab sister shoell’s arm and push through the guys and we book it up the stairs and out the garage and down the driveway. One of them followed us up to apologize. I never really knew the meaning of the scripture in D&C 84:88 where Christ promises to be on your right hand and left, and to have angels bearing you up. Angels were definitely with us that day. I felt so protected and watched over. I had to assure Sister Shoell that that NEVER happens. Most the time they really are family reunions.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Some random thoughts and long overdue pics

I am going to be training a new missionary again. I am really excited. I feel like I am at the peak of my mission in every aspect. I've learned how to not only have confidence in my own abilities, but to trust mostly in the Lord. I am excited to get a chance to do it all over again. I learned a lot the first time, and it will be neat to get a second chance. I hope I can help her love her mission as much as I love mine.

I just love being a missionary. It's not just how I live anymore, it's become a hobby. A passion. When you told me that Sister Ensign mailed you my release date I threw up in my mouth. (May 28 btw) I love all of you, but I really never want to come home. I've never felt so much joy in my life, and I don't want to leave it ever.

This has been an amazing week. I have learned that the Lord is so aware of our righteous desires, and our hearts. We saw SO MANY MIRACLES. We had 4 investigators come to church, we found 7 new investiagators mostly by contacting in the main street of Willoughby (it's like Park City) and taught ALL WEEK LONG. Biggest Miracle EVER: We got a referral on our phone on Wednesday, and stopped by and left a note. She called us a couple hours later and let us know that she was good friends with a sister in our ward, and that she wanted to learn because she's currently looking for a church. We taught her the next day. When we told her about living prophets she freaked out. "WHAT? HOW COME I'M HEARING ABOUT THIS JUST NOW??? THIS HASN'T EVEN BEEN IN MY RADAR!" She came to church on Sunday, cried through an amazing fast and testimony meeting. All through Sunday school and relief society she made amazing comments. Afterwards we met with her and talked more about the Book of Mormon. I have never seen anybody get more excited to have the Book of Mormon. My whole mission. She said, "Well, why don't the catholics and the methodists use this book too? Why wouldn't they want another testament of Christ??" She already knows about the Word of Wisdom and said, "I am going to have to quit drinking wine, but you know what's funny? A few weeks ago before any of this even started I began weaning myself off of caffeine!" She asked about tithing and had no problem with it. She signed up to bring a cake to the next enrichment. Sister Munford and I were both in awe. She gave the most humble prayer asking God to let her know that Joseph Smith was a prophet and the Book of Mormon is true. I was so touched. It's moments like these that I feel so grateful and blessed to have this experience. There are so many facets of temporary happiness, but this is really what brings true joy. When we gave her the Book of Mormon she said, "You have no idea how excited I am to get this book. I've been waiting for this for a long time. I'm going to hope every stoplight turns red on the way home so that I can quickly read!" AMAZING.We've also gotten a handful of amazing investigators like her this past week. I knew that Heavenly Father would provide. I'm continually amazed at his love though, and so grateful. I really can't explain how grateful I am for this time.

I just finished reading the Book of Mormon challenge with my mission- we circled every reference to christ and highlighted every time he spoke directly and all of the doctrine related to Christ. It was amazing. Try it.